1 samuel 2 1 10 hannahs song analysis

He raises up the poor from the dust; he lifts the needy from the ash heap, to make them sit with princes and inherit a seat of honor. It is a favourite Hebrew symbol, and one that had become familiar to them from their long experience—dating from far-back patriarchal times—as a shepherd-people.

Before she leaves, she offers a prayer of praise to the Lord, a prayer by which Hannah will long be remembered. Her role is not a public or official one, yet she continues to have great spiritual impact on saints down through the ages. Benson Commentary 1 Samuel 2: She faithfully worships God, pouring out her tears and petitions.

The Scriptures are not mechanically transmitted through their human authors. Peninnah had children and was making life miserable for her. It is God who purposes for her to suffer at the hand of her cruel counterpart, Peninnah. Compare the marginal references throughout. How much there is of God in these few verses.

No more appropriate words pertaining to that situation between Hannah and Peninnah could possibly have been written. It is not necessary to suppose that Hannah herself knew the full meaning of her prophecy See 1 Peter 1: There is none holy like the Lord, there is none besides thee; there is no rock like our God.

As Kerri limped back to the starting line, the world wondered if she would even try, and if so, could she do it.

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To set might more correctly be translated to make them sit; sitting, especially on a raised seat, being a mark of honour among Orientals, who generally squat on mats on the ground. She was an instant heroine, not only because her vault won her team the gold medal, but because she performed in the midst of great adversity.

She probably never dreamed that once she had Samuel she would be blessed with many more children.


The adversaries of the Lord shall be broken to pieces; against them he will thunder in heaven. Peninnah bears children to Elkanah, but Hannah does not 1:.

Commentary on 1 Samuel 1:9-11, 19-20; 2:1-10

That fact becomes clear when we compare Hannah’s prayer with other similar passages, for example Lukeor 2 Samuel chapter 22 and 2 Samuel The fact should not surprise us.

Women can speak by the power of the Holy Spirit, even as men can (Luke ; 1 Corinthians ).

Hannah’s prayer

Hannah, in giving her son to the Lord in Shiloh, was so inspired by the Holy Spirit, a Spirit of rejoicing and truth, that she prayed a prayer that is recorded for all the world to read in 1. The Son and the Psalm of Hannah (1 Samuel ) Introduction When the Olympic Games were in Atlanta, Georgia, the whole world.

Complete Concise Chapter Contents. Hannah's song of thanksgiving. () The wickedness of Eli's sons, Samuel's ministry. () The prophecy against Eli's family. Hannah's heart rejoiced, not in Samuel, but in the Lord.

Passage: 1 Samuel 2:1-10

She looks beyond the gift, and praises the Giver. She rejoiced in the salvation of the Lord, and in expectation of His coming, who is the whole salvation of his people. Hannah’s Prayer - Then Hannah prayed and said: “My heart rejoices in the LORD; in the LORD my horn is lifted high.

1 Samuel Horn here symbolizes strength; also in verse 1 Samuel Dead Sea Scrolls and Septuagint; Masoretic Text people; With Bible Gateway Plus, you gain instant access to a digital Bible study library.

1 samuel 2 1 10 hannahs song analysis
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