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As strange as it may seem, criminals of all kinds who once put their demands or threats in writing will most often do so again. Graphology G raphology or handwriting analysis is based upon the interpretation of certain signs and symbols to be found in a specimen of handwriting.

Likewise, if they are angry, they may sit down and make motions on a piece of paper resembling the slashing actions of a knife. I tried out the things I learned from this book on some of the letters of relatives I did know and found them to be very accurate, so I began to look at letters of great aunts and uncles to understand them better.

A third report is mentioned in Schweighofer The issue is that one can score the trait either directly, or as a resultant of other traits. In those instances where a person's employment may have hinged upon a graphoanalytical evaluation, plaintiffs may sue an employer who used graphology in an employment decision.

I noticed you've added a reference. Find out the truth about the people you work with, the people in your community, and even your own neighbors.

The major issues are: Shouldn't that be a redirect to Intelligent Character Recognition -- However, US psychologists have traditionally been hostile towards graphology. A single graphological element can have multiple meanings 4. This is not like tea or palm reading as most would have you believe.

Carroll V State contains both a legal citation, and a synopsis of the testimony of the participating handwriting analysts. Handwriting is affected by both short term and long term mental states.

Looking For Mr. Write: The Science Of Handwriting Analysis

A complete, accurate analysis requires an expert Should traits and corresponding signs be listed here. Beschreibung Shows how to analyze handwriting traits, including slant, spacing, baseline, and connecting strokes, and discusses practical uses Autorentext Andrea McNichol is one of the leading forensic graphologists and examiners of questioned documents in the United States, and a highly respected researcher in the field.

One of the CSICOP publications I've forgotten which one cites that case to demonstrate that graphology either has no scientific validity, or no legal validity.

Andrea Mcnichol

This book is a very comprehensive look into graphology, teaching how to see a sample with new eyes as you learn what various handwriting styles mean in a scientific way and why. Now click here to see the Conclusion of this test Working under this premise, when people see what they know to be an undesirable trait appearing in their handwriting, they can change the trait by changing their handwriting.

Therefore this report must be accurate; Barnum Effect: Not only does the mind influence or shape handwriting, but handwriting can also shape the mind. After all, it doesn't invoke anything "magical". Journal of Educational Psychology23, Recently I tried this with a medical professional lady who wrote the names of her two college age sons and her ex-husband.

Yet when this article was recently proposed for deletion, several of the people who voted "keep" with whom I agree called graphology a pseudoscience and acted as if that were the most uncontroversial thing in the world, with which only the unscientific could agree.

I have since done research on handwriting analysis, and finding credible "experts" in the field can be very difficult.

With this book, anyone can learn how to analyze handwriting. Has graphology been refuted scientifically. The second point seems to contradict itself. After receiving a bachelor's degree and teaching credential from the UC Berkeley, she undertook an eight-year study in conjunction with psychiatrists and other medical doctors, and criminologists, correlating graphological characteristics with mental and physical conditions, and forensic handwriting comparison.

Beyerstein who is probably the best known current critic of graphology proclaims it to be pseudoscience whilst admitting that it does have some validity.

This sounds a bit harsh, but as explained later, it should be taken with a grain of salt. Ever notice the spacing between words in someone's writing. A Guide to Techniques and Interpretations. Shouldn't this article be a part of wikiproject psychology. They uniformly found that gender can be determined from handwriting.

Some people are calling graphology a pseudoscience by what seems like a knee-jerk reflex. You already know how easy it can be to get hurt, taken advantage of, or used by people whom you thought you could trust - simply because it's so easy for people to lie and mislead you.

Given that Psychogram was a speedy delete candidate, and that it was suggested that Graphoanalysis was meant, rather than Graphology, for the delete, is rewriting this article, to include the above things to add, or writing articles that focus on those specific issues even worthwhile?.

According to graphologist Andrea McNichol, "Handwriting was a window to both the conscious and subconscious mind because it immediately shows our evolving. Andrea McNichol is one of the leading forensic graphologists and examiners of questioned documents in the United States, and a highly respected researcher in the field.

HANDWRITING ANALYSIS - Putting It to Work for You - andrea mcnichol () - Handwriting is an expression of personality, and as unique as a fingerprint. Physical, intellectual, and emotional states combine to produce a writing style.


Handwrit. According to Handwriting Analysis - Putting It to Work For You handwriting reveals these traits and a whole lot more. Author Andrea McNichol is an expert graphologist who has been consulted by law enforcement agencies, the State Department, and Fortune companies. May 04,  · Again, I’d highly recommend Andrea McNichol’s HANDWRITING ANALYSIS: Putting It to Work for You for a broad view and a starting point.

Handwriting Analysis

It’s a marvelous book and will give you a great introduction to the science of graphology and it’s just plain entertaining!Author: Les Edgerton on Writing. Andrea McNichol, author of Handwriting Analysis: Putting It To Work For You: A Practical Step-By-Step, on LibraryThing LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist.

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