Michelle obama analysis

Even though she was being directed towards women mostly, she still had that serious tone that struck to every audience member. Michelle uses pathos emotions to appeal to women voters in her speech. Assonance is an appeal to the pathos of the audience; it makes her words sound melodical and adds emphasis to the word belonging to each repeated sound: A lot of that is us reading and creating some magic presidential fan-fic, and part of it stems from people finding something fun from the very serious event.

Michelle Obama in final speech: 'I hope I've made you proud'

A large portion of this speech was dedicated to empowering the audience. While it is likely the majority of the audience was already Hillary supporters, Mrs.

By using the date, she is indicating that such words have not been acceptable in American society for decades or at least a very long time. CBS Interactive, 21 Mar.

Michelle Obama

Here in Philadelphia, the problems began even before the opening gavel was heard at the Wells Fargo Center. CBS Interactive, 21 Mar. Michelle still is not amused: Build great lives for yourselves.

This is not something that we can ignore. And the truth is, it hurts. She was radiant in deep blue, with that wide smile and direct way of looking at her audience.

By choosing to send such a political and hopeful message to the future of America, she has shown her confidence in them, and that she believes we as a country can succeed even though Donald Trump would end up elected: Pursue your own version of happiness.

He has struggled with the same problems that America is facing today at some point in his life. The words of Michelle Obama are refreshing, clear, and obviously thought about; the difference between her measured sentences and the words of Donald Trump is jarring.

The speaker shows her sincerity in everything she says which shows the audience how much passion is behind every word and scenario.

Analysis: Michelle Obama delivers

Furthermore, she uses very specific diction throughout the speech. When the public thinks about a political figure, we expect them to talk about others respectfully and without resorting to childish invectives.

Jan 10,  · Watch video · Analysis: Keep hope alive? Obama defends his presidency. Before a sea of supporters at McCormick Place, Obama on Tuesday delivered what is expected to be his final formal address to the nation. Earlier today in New Hampshire, Michelle Obama spoke at a Hillary Clinton rally.

Michelle Obama Bowie State University: First Lady's Graduation Speech a Must-Hear

But this was no regular stump speech—it couldn't be, given Donald Trump's remarks against women that were. Short Essay #2 was a rhetorical analysis of Michelle Obama’s speech. This topic was also assigned by the professor. To start my writing process I skimmed over the article to refresh my memory and highlighted passages where I noticed Obama using ethos, logos, or pathos and labeled it.

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Successful women like Michelle Obama are strong, decisive, courageous and independence, and this shows in her life chart. When it comes to household matters, she is. Michelle Obama’s words seem chosen as an antidote to what some have described as Donald Trump’s dystopian vision of America and the world.

When he speaks, bats flap their wings in caves.

Michelle obama analysis
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