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Ascher appeals to her readers through the use of pathos. Despite this uncertainty students were encouraged with the obvious relief of suffering as a direct result of their interaction and On compassion analysis Curtis, When reading On Compassion, the audience is willed into feeling compassion themselves.

Ascher imposes her attitude on compassion through pathos, figurative language, and use of questions.

In Conclusion compassion is about identifying the suffering of another person and having a strong will to alleviate the pain. Within the vulnerable offspring argument, compassion is thought to have emerged as the affective element of a caregiving system, designed to help raise vulnerable offspring to the age of viability thus ensuring that genes are more likely to be replicated.

Barbara Lazear Ascher depicted the perception of compassion from a stance that showed the uncertainty and acceptance of it from others. Within this system of emotions, compassion emerged as a state to motivate altruism in mutually beneficial relationships and contexts.

Being empathetic allowed the patient to talk through her emotions which alleviated some of her stress but it did not take away the pain she was feeling inside and the longing to be with her baby. A third account holds that compassion is a distinct affective state, with a response profile that differs from those of distress, sadness, and love.

Providing clinical supervision in conjunction with personal and professional resources could boost staff morale and wellbeing. The implication of this third line of evolutionary argument is that individuals will favor enduring relationships with more agreeable, compassionate individuals because this emotional trait predicts increased cooperative, trustworthy behavior and mutually beneficial exchanges among individuals not bound by kin relations.

In the last paragraph of her essay, Barbara Lazear Ascher relates the ancient Greek culture to what she believes. The notion that natural and sexual selection processes could have led to the emergence of an affective state that leads individuals to enhance the welfare of others at the expense to the self struck many as implausible.

Barbara Lazear Ascher questions compassion in the same light as I did that night.

Rhetorical Analysis 3 – On Compassion

In Figure 1 we present a model of the appraisal processes that give rise to compassion and theoretically relevant states, drawing upon insights of appraisal research e. Barbara Lazear Ascher writes this essay in such a descriptive way, the reader cannot help but feel compassionate towards the characters that are being helped.

It motivates a slowing of action and withdrawal from social contact, while its expression signals a need for social support and help. However this fight or flight sense can hurt us because it can interfere with relationships that could be formed that this sense wards of in the beginning.

In order for compassion to be delivered by nursing staff it should be role modelled by leaders Foster,this means that health care workers must be supported and leaders must recognise the tiring effects of emotional labour.

She closes the essay with more rhetorical questions that leave the audience wondering long after they finish reading.

When authors play on our emotions, it is no accident; It is pathos. Hence, there is a need of the word, as well as that of empathy. She questions the origins of compassion and why we are compassionate.

Aims or Purpose of the Analysis The aims or purpose of this analysis is to identify the causes of compassion fatigue in nursing practices. Yet the very nature of the work nurses do can place them at risk for compassion fatigue.

Compassion, by contrast, responds quickly and appropriately to signals of suffering and is not necessarily accompanied or preceded by love although clearly it can be a catalyst of love by enabling the formation of new relationships or the repair of damaged ones. A first account holds that compassion is another name for empathic distress e.

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Detrimental effects seen in one American study discovered that when there was a patient rise in relation to staffing numbers, this resulted in higher numbers of nurse burnout which in turn increased the number of health care associated infections.

To ensure compassionate care is constantly delivered, there should be a good support network and the provision of education for current members of staff as well as students nurses which would help to reduce vulnerability, burnout and compassion fatigue.

On Compassion

Although compassion fatigue is seen by people in a profession that requires them in contact with trauma victims, affecting work, it is not limited to people who work in such a profession.

Ascher describes a mother who is being approached by a homeless man. If all these support systems are in place, the healthcare associated infection rate could be reduced as well as creating a stronger and healthier workforce thus alleviating a financial burden to the NHS.

In addition, the words pity and sympathy were sometimes categorized with compassion and love, but were more often grouped with sadness. Ramirez 1 Anna Ramirez Mrs. Stauffer AP Lang- 2 16 November “On Compassion” Rhetorical Analysis Well-known essayist from New York, Barbara Lazear Ascher, in her essay, “On Compassion”, analyzes the motivations behind what appear to be acts of compassion.

Ascher’s purpose is to compel her audience to simply ponder compassion and their own definition of it, and to be aware of the. Compassion is a mainstay of our free faith tradition, and Mr. (Dr.?) Levin's article details it with such articulate simplicity and beauty.

I was saddened to learn of his loss. The world still needs eloquent voices like his. Thank you so much for sharing his insights with the rest of us. BARBARA LAZEAR ASCHER On Compassion Barbara Lazear Ascher, born inworked as a lawyer for two years before she became a full-time writer.

Brown 1 India Brown September 1, Period 3 Rhetorical Analysis Essay: “On Compassion” by Barbara Ascher Barbara Ascher’s “On Compassion” achieved a reflexive and ultimately cynical tone through the use of a series of rhetorical devices and styles.

On Compassion Analysis Essay. Topics: Empathy, Analysis Essay CJ/ Monday May 26, The Attica Prison Riot This paper reflects on two crisis situations, The Olympic Terrorist attack in Munich, Germany, and The Attica Prison Riot of This paper will discuss what went wrong on behalf of the negotiators and how things could.

Nov 09,  · "On Compassion" Summary Sierra Merritt. Raj Solanki. English 09 November In “On Compassion” by Barbara L. Ascher, she was explaining how people aren’t born with compassion; however, people aren’t born with it they may be taught.

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