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Risks to the above prediction of income, as seen by CEZ Group, are developments in regulatory and legislative conditions for the energy sector in Southeast Europe and potential delay in the completion of the renovation and construction of coal-fired plants in the Czech Republic. It is our objective to stay among the top ten European energy companies, so the third priority of our new strategy is strengthening and consolidating CEZ Group s position in Central Europe.

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Startegic Analysis (Sherwin Williams)

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Market Research

As for net income adjusted for extraordinary effects that are generally unrelated to ordinary financial performance in a given year, CEZ Group is expecting it to reach approximately CZK 27bn.

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market research analysis. Williams Wheeler Executive Vice President, Programming & Production Interactive Operations Director Startegic Planning, Investigation Discovery Eileen Chief Operating Officer, Discovery & TLC Networks Elisa Planning & Analysis Burian Entertainment & Sports Properties Director Ormond Senior Vice President, Business & Strategic.

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