Stratsim simulation analysis

We suggest a combination of quizzes, individual and team assignments, along with simulation performance to ensure an equitable assessment of student performance.

Add a new development center to support future upgrades or concepts. The key is providing the customer with a good product at the right price with good awareness. No, increasing your technology capabilities will not directly impact the specifications of any existing product, but it will give you the capability to develop products with higher specs.

No, stock price itself does not impact customer preferences. How long does it take to add a development center. Do we need to pay all development costs upfront for a multi-year project.

Some things that impact COGS are your product's design, your technology ratings and product production volume. Consider the fact that BMW thought it better to buy the Mini Cooper and build on it rather than develop its own brand from scratch.

The MARKETIndustry News contains information about changes in the competitive environment including any new, upgraded or licensed vehicles introduced this period.

Decrease the price of the cost of current vehicle to stimulate sale. All students on a team make one set of decisions for their firm, so coordination among team members is an essential ingredient for success. How accurate is the "likely to buy" percentage in the Concept Test.

Introduce Alfa in Atlantic region. However, your contract may include details or requirements that cannot be enforced by the simulation, such as non-compete clauses, scheduled upgrade intervals, distribution restrictions, etc.

StratSim management and the automotive manufacturing industry

The vehicles have your brand name and are sold in your dealerships therefore you will be stuck with the vehicles if you don't sell all of them.

If you continue to see high short-term debt, it is an indicator that you do not have enough cash to fund all your expenses and you should consider ways to increase your cash position. This means the licensee must re-offer the license AND the licensor must re-accept the license every period.

All firms start with 2 development centers.

Study On Automobile Company Stratsim Management Essay

How do I upgrade a vehicle?. Trading over four weeks in a Stratsim online simulation game, our group which consisted of three members were managing firm G, we made strategic decisions so as to make sure our company performs well, the firm had four vehicles in different classes such as Go in Economy, Gas in Family, Gone in Truck.

StratSim - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

· View Notes - StratSim Marketing Notes from MKTG at Davenport University. I. Internal Analysis A. Key points from Performance Summary $19,, sales Stratsim Company Breakdown. Strategic Management stratsim.

StratSim Report.

Stratsim Simulation

PresentationSTratsim_torsten_ringberg. If you are crunched for cash, you may want to cut back on the dividends already being paid at the start of the simulation 6 StratSim Marketing Simulation Game - Performance Analysis I need a paper about 6 pages about StratSim Marketing Simulation Game.(1 pages for each decision period).

For this paper, we suppose to write: Recap of each period's decision, what happened  · Unformatted text preview: STRATSIM SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) is an essential step in strategy development.

Please provide what you believe to be the 5 most significant elements of each dimension of SWOT for your  · The StratSim simulation contains all the marketing, competitive, and financial reports for your industry.

After reviewing these reports, you will make decisions that are automatically saved on the Interpretive

Stratsim simulation analysis
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Stratsim Marketing Simulation Game Performance Analysis